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Vouchers can be bought like normal items if they are offered in the shop. As soon as you have purchased a voucher and this has been activated after successful payment, the amount appears under your shopping basket. Now you can send the desired amount via email using the link “send voucher”.


How to send vouchers

To send a voucher, please click on the link “send voucher” in your shopping basket. In order to send a voucher, we require the following information from you: the first name and surname of the recipient. A valid email address of the recipient. The desired amount (you can also send parts of your voucher). A short message to the recipient. Please check the information you provided once again before sending. You can change the information you provided at any time before sending.


Purchase with vouchers.

As soon as you have a voucher, you can use this to pay for your order. During the order transaction, you have the possibility to redeem your voucher. If the voucher is less than the value of the goods, you must select your preferred method of payment for the remaining amount. If your voucher exceeds the value of the goods, you of course have the remaining value of your voucher for your next order.


Credit vouchers.

If you received a voucher via email, you can credit the amount as follows:
1. Click on the link given in the email. If you do not yet have a personal customer account, you have the possibility to open an account.
2. After you have placed a product in the shopping basket, you can submit your voucher code there.


If there should be any problems:

If, contrary to all expectations, there should be a problem with a voucher, please contact us via email: Please describe the problem as precisely as possible; important information would be, among other things: your customer number, the voucher code, the system’s error reports as well as the browser you used (e.g. "Internet Explorer 7" or "Firefox 4").